house buildersNew Home Inspections You might not think you need an inspection on your new home but your should think again. Some builders may frown if you want to bring in a home inspector for new construction since they have already had their own inspection leading to permits.

On the other hand a really good home builder just looks at an inspection as part of the process and they are willing to accommodate as long as you coordinate the date of the inspection to be completed before your final walk through of the property. The builder will normally know when the utilities are to be turned on so that the Inspector can complete a full home inspection.

House builders also offer their own form of home inspection. Initially you will do a final walk-through a few days before closing to complete what is called a “punch list”. Together with the builder or the builder representative you will walk through each area inside and out looking for anything that needs attention such as: touch up paint, carpet trim, sticky doors, missing hardware, light switches that don’t work, and anything else you may not be happy with. The builder will bring his finish and cleaning crew in to take care of these items before closing. The usually after 60-days and near the end of the first year the builder will follow up again to make sure their are no big issues with the house settling or with any structural elements that are covered by the builder’s warranty.

It is a good idea for you to read up on professional home inspectors so you know what they will be looking for during their inspection.

Depending on the size of the home a good home inspector will likely charge you $300 to $500. New homes on a slab foundation are much easier than homes built on a crawl space which requires the inspector to get under the home. Most often an inspector will find a few things that need some correction, and that is what they get paid for. Even if there is not a lot needed it is still a good idea for your added peace of mind when making what can often be the biggest purchase to that point in your lifetime.